Moore Bay Lodge - Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada
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History about Bijir Anderson, the founder of the camp:

He was an amazingly strong Swedish fellow who came in the 1930s to Lake of the Woods. He found property on Pipestone Peninsula at Moore Bay, where he built his homestead.

Bijir Anderson had to work very hard. He cleared a huge piece of land, more than 10 hectares, just with his own two hands and an axe.

On that property he grew mainly strawberries and all kinds of vegetables, which he sold in Kenora on the market. To bring the berries fresh to his customers, he had to take a boat 12 kms to town.

In winter he sold firewood, which he transported over the ice with his two horses. He also cut ice-blocks from the frozen lake, and sold those. People kept them in ice-shacks, covered with sawdust, so they could have ice cubes all summer.

Around 1950 he realized that there was more money to be made renting cabins to wealthy American fisherman, than from farming. He built beautiful main lodge, which still exists, with its original wooden walls and floor. He rented little cabins and fishing boats to people who came up as the first fishing tourists to Canada.

In the early 1970s, Bijir Anderson sold his property to a group of Americans. They built a few more cabins, and led the way to making Moore Bay Lodge a well known fishing lodge.

Historical Photographs of Moore Bay Lodge